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Got an email saying that the police have changed their health requirements…It says that IBS can be accepted in some circumstances when applying to work for the police…But forms of IBD will not…It just makes me so angry! I am a lot better now on my Octasa Medication then i ever was when i was misdiagnosed as IBS…I spent three years at university, worked my ass off and battled hard with my symptoms over the last year. Just to be told that working for the police wouldn’t be possible :(
It’s days like this i question what my place in this world will be, i wouldn’t mind a number of jobs/careers but the UC makes it so difficult that i am now in a job to which i love the people and company but the job itself isn’t what i want to do.

I hate my brain…

Will we still keep in touch? Could we ever have something more? Or have you realised and are acting strange for that reason?
Am i stupid to think you’d even look my way?

Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen (Love is an Open Door) [x]

This is brill :) x

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How can you love me when I’m so broken?

How can you love me when I have to cancel so many times due my unforeseeable flares?

Why would you love me when you can have someone without such a huge bag of medication?

Why would you choose me when you could be with someone who only sees a doctor for wellness check ups?

Are you sure you want to be with me and all of my baggage? Chronic illnesses, medication’ side effects and all?

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Having a bad couple of nights…

where the steroids are making me eat like crazy and when i don’t give in, the hunger attacks me at night disrupting my sleep :(
To top it all off i feel really bloated and horrible so can’t get comfortable :/ 

On the brighter side i start the new tablets tomorrow, here’s to hoping they take effect quick! x

The Whose Line director interrupts the show to stop the cast from performing a scene with Hitler in it. Ryan ends up making it the subject of his hoedown song.

Love this xx

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It is very fucking obvious why you decided to comment on that particular status x

I’m still…

Coming to terms with having UC, get my biopsy results on the 21st and im kinda freaking out because It then means that yes I have some answers but it’s whether im going to be shoved away with more medication or have to have surgery….etc
I felt lucky until today because I haven’t been in any pain just tiredness and discomfort & I have been able to hold on for the bathroom, then I realised its the steroids and I cant stay on them forever… x