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I hate my brain…

Will we still keep in touch? Could we ever have something more? Or have you realised and are acting strange for that reason?
Am i stupid to think you’d even look my way?

Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen (Love is an Open Door) [x]

This is brill :) x

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How can you love me when I’m so broken?

How can you love me when I have to cancel so many times due my unforeseeable flares?

Why would you love me when you can have someone without such a huge bag of medication?

Why would you choose me when you could be with someone who only sees a doctor for wellness check ups?

Are you sure you want to be with me and all of my baggage? Chronic illnesses, medication’ side effects and all?

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Having a bad couple of nights…

where the steroids are making me eat like crazy and when i don’t give in, the hunger attacks me at night disrupting my sleep :(
To top it all off i feel really bloated and horrible so can’t get comfortable :/ 

On the brighter side i start the new tablets tomorrow, here’s to hoping they take effect quick! x

The Whose Line director interrupts the show to stop the cast from performing a scene with Hitler in it. Ryan ends up making it the subject of his hoedown song.

Love this xx

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It is very fucking obvious why you decided to comment on that particular status x

I’m still…

Coming to terms with having UC, get my biopsy results on the 21st and im kinda freaking out because It then means that yes I have some answers but it’s whether im going to be shoved away with more medication or have to have surgery….etc
I felt lucky until today because I haven’t been in any pain just tiredness and discomfort & I have been able to hold on for the bathroom, then I realised its the steroids and I cant stay on them forever… x